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Visual & Brand Identity

Creating visual representations that communicate your brand’s truth. From bespoke logos and imagery to colour schemes and typography, we design and create your brand’s entire visual identity to ensure it appeals to your target audience.

Visual identity design that tells your brand’s story

In today’s world, every brand needs to have its own distinctive identity – a set of constant characteristics and traits that not only make it identifiable, but also help to build brand credibility and loyalty among its customer base over time.

Here at 1HQ, as an expert brand identity agency, we can help your business to stand out in saturated, ever-changing markets by getting to the crux of what your brand is all about and helping you to tell its story through design identity. We do this by creating a visually distinguishable and unique brand image, rolled out across all platforms, that differentiates your business, enhances customer experience and builds brand loyalty.

Tackling design challenges from every perspective

Although a strong brand identity can take years to create, implement and maintain, years can be shaved off the time it takes to position your brand ahead of its competition if a comprehensive and consistent brand identity strategy is put in place. Effective brand identity design means perfectly defining how your business should look and delivering this vision consistently across every touchpoint and platform. With an exceptional fusion of industrial design and brand expertise, this is where 1HQ can help.

Working at the vanguard of groundbreaking graphic design techniques and structural design, our visual branding services will develop and revolutionise all areas of your brand’s identity design. From logo design and colour schemes, to imagery, typography and product package design, our expert methods ensure the head, heart and soul of your business is in every aspect of your brand’s visual identity.

To discover more about how we can create or redesign your brand’s visual identity, contact our experts today.

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