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Good Vibes

Good Vibes is on a mission to liberate true sexual satisfaction and to enable a journey of happiness guided by a woman’s true pleasure.

The team behind the Good Vibes brand courted with us on a task too tantalising to refuse. They asked us to curate and create a strong visual identity for their new sexual wellness toys brand.

The request was for an unapologetically alluring brand, free from societal opinions, modern and appealing to the eye with a hint of mystery and excitement.

We explored the language of sensual pleasure to craft a feminine and dynamic identity. The emblematic use of the letter G, showing movement and sensuality, creates a focal point for the brand, whilst the brand-mark and fresh colour palette offers a fluid and flexible visual system to bring the Good Vibes’ mission to life, allowing the intimate devices to excite, liberate, entertain, and create good vibes!

Coupled with energetic colours and typography, we introduced a fresh take on adult toys. This gently hedonistic visual identity helped the team penetrate a cautious market and to create an effective conversation with women on pleasure, discovery, and freedom.

“The dedication and conviction from the 1HQ team is unparalleled, and this seamless and committed partnership allowed for us to craft, visual identity, and packaging together in just over 2 months. We’re extremely thankful for the foundation that 1HQ laid for Good Vibes and can’t wait to bring the next big idea to consumers with the team!”


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A personalised greeting on the front of pack highlights Good Vibes’ attention to detail, creating an immediate rapport between consumer and brand. On pack, the promise of “good things await” teases an introduction to the confidence and resolution of the brand and a strong connection to the product.

We chose three ways to express our messaging, two carefully selected fonts and the team’s own handwriting. We aimed for clarity and legibility whilst maintaining a personable and amiable nature.

We introduced a velvet pouch in the brand colours, to hold the item purchased. A soft-to-the-touch experience that could be carried around easily continues the brand’s sensory journey of discovery. We complimented the offering with a tote bag for all essential things and proposed a scent in the form of a candle or perfume to optimise the brand experience.

The work produced for Good Vibes celebrates the “less is more” approach, backed by a solid story and cohesive and easy to apply brand identity with both appreciation for local markets and an outlook for international greatness.

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“Standing out in the sexual wellness category to penetrate a cautious market”