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Little Blossom

Little Blossom’s objective was to showcase that convenience doesn’t have to mean compromise when providing for little ones.

Little Blossom believe in using organic, real foods to provide the best taste and source of nutrients for little ones. We were asked to create a strong visual identity for this new brand to ensure it not only stood out within the baby category in Asia but could be adapted to grow alongside the brands future ambitions.

Over the years mass market baby food products with high amounts of added sodium and sugar have flooded the shelves, with alternative organic items only available at a price premium. Time-strapped parents are finding themselves having to make a difficult and unnecessary choice between convenient or nutritious food solutions for their families.

Seeing a niche in the market, Little Blossom’s objective was to showcase that convenience doesn’t have to mean compromise when providing for little ones. We started by helping Little Blossom to craft a credible and compelling story, to position their products as the go-to affordable and organic choice for parents.

Focusing on what matters the most, we simplified the shopping experience with easy-to-understand labels. Using bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations the design team created a product navigation system that became attractively versatile for the physical shopping isle and their online store.

“The 1HQ team did a fantastic job bringing to life Little Blossom’s brand identity! We were looking for a natural, modern and vibrant take on our packaging design to stand out in the baby food category and they delivered exactly on brief! We were then able to extend the packaging design beautifully across all our other marketing touch-points. As usual, the team was also very collaborative, supportive and lovely people to work with!”


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We devised a playful tonality, helping to portray the brand as an encouraging friend; confident, calm, relatable and warm. Using bespoke, hand-drawn illustrations to represent the brand personality, the pack design not only engaged busy moms, but also appealed to kids, showing that food can be playful, delicious, and healthy.

In an interview with Little Blossom in Cue 11 ‘Just Did It’, we spoke to the founders about the start of their journey as an online D2C brand. Now, due to its immediate success and popularity, Little Blossom products are soon to be listed with big-box retailers in Singapore, including grocery and speciality retail outlets.

The designs have been rolled out over various online communications and across social media platforms to bring the brand to life. The pack illustrations have been particularly successful on Instagram, with top posts generating over 90% engagement rate (ER) where ER = (Likes + comments)/followers.

Little Blossom have already built a loyal customer base, with over one hundred 5-star reviews. 20% of customers each month are returning customers and 15% of their monthly revenue has been generated through referrals.

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A playful brand identity that will grow alongside future ambitions.