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The Secret Nature of Fruit

Joining forces with Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods, we worked to create a new functional food supplement brand, ‘The Secret Nature of Fruit’, as part of Doles transformation to a nutrition and wellness company.

The Food and Beverage sector has started to adapt, offering new ways to support holistic wellness lifestyle choices as worlds merge and consumers realise purchases can be both ‘good for you’ and ‘effective’.

Dole was looking to forge a compelling new brand narrative within this landscape, by harnessing the power of fruits to expand their range into daily immunity offerings, delivering additional nutrients through enhanced foods.

We focused on creating distinctive packaging design that would elevate the brand’s first ever range of Immunity Essential powders and effectively communicate the brand’s positioning and values in a saturated functional food supplement category.

The brand needed to engage with current vitamin and supplement users and proactive health seekers, driven by Gen Z and millennials, ‘Well-thy’ consumers are likely to try products that align to their values around ingredient transparency and clean label sustainability.

We delivered an end-to-end brand that complemented the wider Dole portfolio, using relevant language and imagery to create meaning for the target consumer, whilst representing the overarching Dole promise of ‘Sunshine for All’ – reflecting the business’s mission to nourish and provide for everyone.

From semiotics, territory creation, brand naming, creative strategy, pack design, commissioning, and art-directing photography to structing a brand book and digital comms content, we used our expertise to embark on a journey to bring ‘The Secret Nature of Fruit’ to life.

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By conducting a global semiotic analysis of the signs, codes and symbols of fruit and powder supplements and adjacent categories such as supplement gummies, our strategy team identified the relevant language and imagery to include on pack, helping to create meaning for consumers.

Our design team pivoted the packaging design around the idea of ‘targeting’ the secret ingredients that lie within fruit. The radiating ‘vibe’ around the central brand device uses macro photography to highlight individual textures. The vivid colours cue the power and goodness of fruit as an ingredient, making pack navigation easier within Dole’s wide range.

Landing an iconic identity and visual representation increased appeal within the global network and promoted a successful move into the functional health space, a brand-new category for Dole.

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“It was a lovely experience working with the 1HQ team! They responded to the brief and challenge in a thoughtful, timely and cost efficient manner, and the team exhibited great collaborative spirit in helping to craft the brand proposition, articulate and express the brand design that allowed us to bring to life the vision we had for The Secret Nature of Fruit launch.”


We delivered an end-to-end brand that complemented the wider Dole portfolio, whilst representing the overarching Dole promise of ‘Sunshine for All’.