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Sustainable product design

Helping you to discover your sustainable purpose. We pinpoint where your brand’s values, the values of your target market and your brand’s positioning overlap to identify tangible ways you can make a difference to the world and achieve your commercial goals.

Sustainability as an expectation

More and more, consumers are viewing sustainability as an expectation rather than a nice-to-have. They are looking for innovative product and packaging design that addresses their environmental concerns and delivers real change.

At 1HQ, we help brands to revolutionise their offering through sustainable product design to satisfy needs of the ever-growing number of eco-conscious consumers and attract employees with a sense of social responsibility.

Implementing sustainable product design effectively and articulating your purpose clearly can lead to increased consumer engagement and significant brand growth. We ensure that sustainability is a vital part of the design process by considering the whole product lifecycle and generating ways to improve efficiency and design out waste. We also place sustainability at the heart of your brand story by communicating your purpose to your audience.

Unleashing the beauty of sustainability

We believe in sustainable design that doesn’t compromise when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. In fact, our design philosophy is to unleash the beauty of sustainability by creating products that do more than deliver a feel-good factor. To us, sustainable design is not just about creating products that benefit society and the planet but that are appealing enough for consumers to want to hold on to and keep coming back to. And when it comes to sustainable packaging design, we see this as an opportunity to emphasise quality and tell your brand story in a way that resonates with responsible shoppers.

Whether you want to achieve brand growth by making the move from single-use plastic, generating less waste or using lower impact materials, we can help. Contact us to find how your brand could do more with less.

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