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Innovation Pipeline

Creating a steady flow of ideas to enable your brand to survive and thrive. We identify innovations that are right for your business and take early-stage concepts right through to realisation.

Taking a focused approach to innovation

All too often, brands sleepwalk into irrelevance by underestimating the need for new ideas. Then, there are businesses that leave innovation to chance or only seek out fresh concepts when faced with crises.

At 1HQ, we make innovation part and parcel of the normal operation of your business. Together, we can help you to overcome barriers to innovation, such as culture, education and department silos, by partnering with you to develop a strategy-driven, systematic innovation pipeline process.

We don’t believe in ideas for ideas’ sake and won’t waste your time and money with inactionable or unprofitable concepts. Instead, we pinpoint the unmet needs of your target customer using rigorous methods, such as trends, semiotics and ethnography, interrogate the meaning of your brand and examine any challenges posed by competitors. Taking these elements into account, together with your brand’s capabilities, we help you to create a conveyor of concepts to help ensure momentum and safeguard the long-term future of your brand.

Determining the risk

The reality is that innovation involves taking risks. However, we can help you to identify the risks worth taking through careful analysis of your brand, the market and consumer trends. Our findings can help determine whether it’s the right time to take incremental or radical steps. For example, we may recommend that you focus on expanding sales to an existing market, launch a new product or service in your existing market, introduce your offering to a new market or bring a new product or service to a new market.

In ever evolving markets, failing to innovate can have grievous consequences. Start formalising your innovation strategy with the help of expert brand specialists. Contact 1HQ to find out more.

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