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A secret legacy

With over 110 years’ experience, Dairy co-operative Valio produces butter that is known to industry professionals for its superior taste and smooth consistency. We needed to establish a distinctive position that gave permission for this new brand to break into a commoditised category.

Unknown outside of the Nordics, we needed to define a clear positioning strategy for Valio butter that communicated the highest possible artisanal quality, purity and naturalness to retail consumers

By identifying core capabilities, brand point of difference, category role and consumer needs we found the positioning sweet spot. The Valio story revealed a ‘secret legacy heritage’, that made it the first choice for professional French patisserie chefs. Using semiotics, cultural codes analysis and creating an original pack design, we defined a unique premium proposition.

From its European launch, Valio sold 550% more than predicted within 6 months and prompted the de-listing of most established brands in major retailers.

valio butter designs

bread being kneeded

valio butter designs

pain au chocolat image

Communicating artisanal quality, purity and naturalness to retail consumers.