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Brand Innovation

Growing your business through strategically guided innovation. We bridge the gap between opportunity and execution with specialist brand innovation services.

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Insight-driven concepts with rational and emotional appeal

Innovation is essential for the long term success of your business. But knowing exactly when and how to shake things up, and in which areas of your business, can be difficult. This is where our expertise proves invaluable. Through insight-driven, culturally resonant concepts that deliver both rational and emotional appeal, we can help your business to innovate in ways that strengthen your brand, enhance customer engagement, increase sales and benefit your bottom line. Crucially, by enabling you to seize the opportunities available to you, our brand innovation services help to future-proof your business. In challenging, constantly evolving markets, this can make the difference between success and failure.

We know that many ideas fall through the gap between opportunity and execution. Through careful strategic planning, we bridge this gap and help your business to move forward on the surest possible footing. Looking at everything from the meaning and purpose of your brand, to the practical implications of new product development, to market trends, we develop creative and data driven solutions that help your business to grow and thrive. Bringing together these different specialisms allows us to find the innovation platform sweet spot.

Asking and answering the hard questions that allow for innovation

Our global team of creative, committed and highly knowledgeable experts come together to ask and answer those hard questions that determine how brands can best innovate. We can help you with new product development, whether you simply want to make minor adjustments to existing products or you’re looking for a more radical realignment. Our new product formulas are rooted in a deep understanding of shifting market trends and consumer desires. When analysing market trends, we always draw on our awareness of the wider social context to distinguish short-term fads from lasting change - allowing our clients to focus their efforts on the areas where the greatest commercial advantage lies.

We also provide insightful and commercially sound plans for category growth that can help to promote expansion and transform relationships between brands and retailers. Our expertise extends to semiotics too, meaning we can map the signs, codes and symbols that create meaning and allow you to reach consumers on a powerful level that bypasses rational filters.

For more information on how we can help you to thrive through strategic innovation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Individually or working in combination, our services are focussed on the key challenges faced by brands in rapidly evolving markets.