Brand Innovation

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Relevant propositions that win hearts and minds. Many an idea falls and fails in the space between opportunity and execution. We aim to bridge that gap with insight driven, culturally resonant concepts that trigger both rational and emotional appeal.

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Related Disciplines

New Product Development

From incremental adjustment to more radical re-alignment, we create new product formulas rooted in a deep understanding of shifting consumer desires.

Category strategy

Insightful, creative and commercially robust plans for category growth transform relationships between brand and retailer - from just another supplier to favoured partner status.


A field of research and analysis that maps the codes, signs and symbols that create meaning. It is a powerful approach that bypasses rational filters to reveal unspoken thoughts and feelings.


Observing trends through the lens of wider societal context, allows us to distinguish short-term fads from the lasting change where potential commercial advantage lies.

Individually or working in combination, our services are focussed on the key challenges faced by brands in rapidly evolving markets.