Meeting the challenge of change.

The pace of change in our lives is accelerating faster than anyone could have imagined even a year ago. That’s why now, more than ever, brands need to respond quickly and effectively to offer value that’s adapted for a new world.

1HQ Global is a network of companies built to help brands in fast-moving consumer goods, and health and wellbeing markets do just that. We focus on the development, deployment to market and ongoing evaluation of brands through the integration of strategic and creative expertise in innovation and design, digital and social communications, and marketing mix optimization.

Fast-moving consumer goods

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Consumer healthcare

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Adaptive design & print management.

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Sales and marketing mix analysis & optimisation

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Building powerful brands one hard question at a time.

Combining strategic intelligence and creative brilliance, we ask and answer the hard questions that get to the core of your brand personality and message. We then communicate this vision across all consumer touchpoints, helping to ensure your brand is ready to win in challenging, evolving markets.

As a global creative branding and design agency with offices in London, New York, Singapore and Amsterdam, we have delivered for many of the world’s top names in fast-moving consumer goods. Our forensic, 360° approach as a brand business means we craft transformative, future-proof solutions that deliver on our clients’ commercial objectives.

Avoiding stereotypes and the generic, we dig deep to cultivate something unique and exclusive to your business that reflects your ethos, showcases your selling points and - above all - resonates with consumers. Our creative design team approaches brand challenges from multiple perspectives, providing services including 2D packaging and brand identity design, 3D structural product and packaging design, brand communications and brand and product innovation. All projects big and small are briefed to a cross-functional team that includes experts in areas ranging from marketing and semiotics to design and sustainability. This breadth of skills helps to set us apart from our creative brand agency competitors, leading to more robust outcomes for our clients.

We know that to find the right answer when it comes to branding, you need to start off by asking the right question. To discover more about how we can help your business to do exactly this, simply contact our team of creative, curious and exceptionally talented brand specialists today.

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In challenging, changing markets, we build brands that are ready to win.

Questions and answers.

In 25 years working with brands of all shapes and sizes, we’ve found that whatever the challenge, the right answer starts with the right question.

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When strategic intelligence and creative flair combine, the result is ideas that satisfy both the head and the heart.

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