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Studio Think

Studio Think, a new mind-gym app, gives you the tools and resources to train your mind so that you can take yourself from where you are now, to where you want to be.


After talking to the Studio Think founders in the early stages of their project, 1HQ Singapore Managing Creative, Karen Cole, decided to support the initiative by offering to work pro bono to help bring the app to life. Why? Because not only does she empower wellness in her own personal life, but also in the workplace. It has always been a priority for her, and consequently her 1HQ team.

“When the opportunity to work with Studio Think came up I jumped at the chance of not only being able to support a fantastic start up with such an important mission and philosophy, but to be able to support the global 1HQ family. We agreed that upon completion of the work and launch of the app, everyone at 1HQ would gain access.”

1HQ Singapore and Amsterdam joined forces and recently collaborated with the Studio Think team, to develop their name, brand strategy, tone of voice, brand guidelines and digital assets.

Founders Katie and Paul told us why they started Studio Think, the importance of mental wellbeing and how 1HQ Singapore turned their vision into reality enabling them to successfully launch their first app, you can read the interview below.

Why did you start Studio Think?

Katie : We want to help change the world for the better and to do this, we wanted the largest platform we could find to help spread the word of positive thinking, what it is, what it entails and how it can open you up to your real potential.

To help people to live a good life, a happy life, we wanted to provide them with all the information, teachings and resources they would need to do this, irrespective of their circumstances or background.

We are two people who learnt hard lessons, the truth about life and the power of our thinking. These lessons, caused us to question – ‘this can’t just be it, can it? There must be more to me? More to the way I think and act?’

By creating the Studio Think App we hope to give those in the same position the opportunity to access methods we feel can help you to be your best self and live your best life.

What do you hope your users will get from your app?

Paul: The beginnings of an inner awakening. The “aha” moment you get when you realise everything is an inside job. That you can be in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions and that you can get back into the driver’s seat of your own life.

How is your app different from Headspace or Calm?

Katie: We have both been users of Calm and Headspace in the past, both are fantastic apps. What we found using them is that they do wonders for helping you find peace in your current reality, in the present moment. They help you improve your feelings about the life you currently have.

This is where we are different, because once you are in the present moment, what if that present moment isn’t actually where you want to be? What if you feel there is something more to you? More to life? A level of success you want to reach or a stronger sense of confidence you want to feel?

Paul: Studio Think gives you the tools and resources to train your mind so that you can take yourself from where you are now, to where you want to be. Think of it as the next step on from Calm or Headspace.

What positive thinking and mindset training techniques do you practise regularly?

Katie: In all honesty we definitely dabble in them all! For me particularly, I’d say my go to is affirmations, they are where this whole journey into life transformation began for me and are therefore my staple, but I also love guided meditations as well as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and visualisation techniques.

Paul: For me, it’s all about the bio hack that is Breathwork. In combination with self-coaching, guided meditations and other NLP tools and techniques. I personally love how it creates the right environment within me to make positive changes towards my desired outcomes.

Creating a brand and app from scratch must have been challenging – what were your biggest learnings?

Paul: It has been the biggest learning curve! Neither of us as co-founders had experience in anything related to app development, but the content/message we wanted to share with the world was so powerful we had to try.

Katie: I’d say our biggest learnings so far are, no one and no plan is perfect regardless of your preparation and foresight. Targets and completion dates can change regularly due to miscommunications, unforeseen circumstances or changes in business direction. When you understand and embrace imperfection, nothing comes as a shock anymore and you can then resolve the situation with a clearer more outcome focused mind.

How did 1HQ support your brand strategy, tone of voice and vision to life?

Kate: 1HQ were amazing. We started as two people, with just an idea in our heads as to what we wanted content wise but not remotely how it would look and feel as a brand. Through our conversations with the team they were able to bring our vision and the brand to life, giving it a name and a clear identity that felt congruent with our values and beliefs as a business.

Paul: Working with 1HQ has been a fantastic experience. Their patience, expertise and direction has taken us from zero to hero. Thank you for taking us on as a client.

Studio Think App is available to download now via the App Store. 

Working with 1HQ has been a fantastic experience. Their patience, expertise and direction has taken us from zero to hero.