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Exploring Shanghai

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I’ve just returned from a week in Shanghai working on an exciting brand project. It was a great place to visit and full of intriguing packaging but here are a few things that stood out for me:


Loved the S Korean beauty store – both for their unique provenance from Jeju volcanic island and for their amazing instore experience which was a blend of living green walls and natural and an array of customisable and tactile products.

Plastic’s still not an issue. 

Admittedly it’s only just hit it’s tipping point here, but I was surprised to hear no concern in Shanghai. 

Great transport system

Despite the crowds, they win with ordered ways of queueing for tubes and with video advertising appearing to be just outside the windows. Not forgetting a vending machine that took fresh oranges and made juice in front of you.

The same but different.  

The Bund – an awesome show of modernity turned into a mass attraction for all ages and nationalities through to M6 an arty mini Shoreditch in communist warehousing.”


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