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In this exponentially transforming, ever-changing, 24/7 news and technology-driven world, it’s increasingly hard to sort and identify what’s actually relevant and important from what just, well, pretends to be. 

‘Cue Issue 02: WTF?’ looks to solve this problem by collating the most relevant thoughts, opinions and insights to decode ‘What’s The Future?’. With the rise of digital forces in industries now widely documented, we have all followed the disrupts that have effected a variety of products and services, resulting in disastrous PR scandals, ground-breaking discoveries and delightful innovations. But how can we make the future relevant right now to an industry that is at the core of defining the brand purpose and appeasing consumer wants and needs.

We now have digital assistants that know our needs before we do, a demand for instant gratification and a shopper experience that no longer plays to a linear narrative, but instead a flexible journey. With cultural shifts affecting the way consumers think, behave and shop, it is imperative that companies are predicting cultural shifts and keeping up to date with trend reports. We don’t need to tell you this, instead, we can show you how to keep ahead of the game.

Take a look at the collaborative economy, by combining services that may seem distinct but when are connected could create an entirely new level of convenience. Mapping, and planning accordingly, to behavioural shifts should help to make the future bright, and easy, for your consumer.

And, would you believe it if we said the future is looking more transparent? There is a significant demand for brands with a purpose, even better if your purpose can be shaped into a sustainable one. To keep consumers interested, brands must be able to establish relevance to reach, attract and engage authentically. In this issue of Cue, we look at whether it might be time to cut out the plastic, and whilst banning plastics that provide a useful role in preventing food waste without introducing a sensible alternative is an easy win in PR terms, your consumer is starting to catch on that in reality, this may solve one problem, but creates another that we have a responsibility to fix.

We would like to think that others are equally as interested in shaping a future of conviction, so we’ve shared thoughts that we believe might help brands remain fresh and relevant in years to come. We look to share our views in the hope that they might spark their imagination of others.

Why?  Because we believe curiosity feeds creative minds.  And because, that way, we get to build brilliant brands One Hard Question at a time.


Content includes:

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How can we foster and learn in order to create an inclusive and diverse culture in design?

Cultural diversity in design
Brands that cater to the widest range of people will not only be rewarded by consumer spending, but by elevated status in competitive markets too.

Design for a better world
Noteworthy brands who are innovating for a more inclusive world.

How do brands create cultural relevancy through compelling storytelling?
It’s not whether you stand up for a social issue, it’s how.

Why shouldn’t grass be purple?
Designing for colour blindness.


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