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At the start of 2022, Saradevi Ng joined the 1HQ Singapore team as a Designer. Sara has a background in illustration and has put this talent to great use since joining the team, with many of their recent projects requiring the need to produce bespoke illustrations. As an illustrator, Sara is adaptable to many styles. So, we dug a little deeper to find out how her talent grew and what inspires her to do what she does. 

Tell us your story/background.

Growing up I always wanted to draw for a living. I’ve been drawing since I was very young, and I always had my hands stained with ink. Drawing led me to studying design and eventually becoming a designer.

What was it that made you pursue your passion for illustration?

I used to ponder over comics and illustration books thinking “Wow I want to be like them”. My love for illustration was reaffirmed when I attended a talk by illustrator Victo Ngai and was floored by how illustration could come to life beyond comics or books.

Did you study art? Or are you self-taught?

I majored in Illustration whist I studied at Polytechnic, I was introduced to the world of branding during university at Glasgow School of Art, here in Singapore. Before that I was mainly self-taught with books and videos, accompanied by the guidance of my father who also loves drawing.

Tell us about what inspires you.

I am inspired by both Chinese and Western art. Artist and illustrators that inspire me are as mentioned, Victo Ngai as well as James Jean, Alphonse Mucha and Lian Yang who is a Chinese mineral art painter. I particularly love drawing flowers, something I picked up from discovering Art Nouveau. At the same time my experience of visiting Taoist and Buddhist temples led me to incorporate Chinese motifs in my personal work.

To date, what has been your favourite piece to work on and why?

My favourite piece might be my personal illustration, the Chinese snuff bottle perfume series. I wanted to combine both Western (perfume) and Eastern (Chinese motifs / snuff bottle) elements. As it was a personal project, I took my time to research and draw making it a calm experience.

Any advice to share for people who want to learn to illustrate, or are starting their creative journey?

Practice often and don’t give up, especially when you start to doubt yourself. I believe illustration isn’t just about making things pretty but communicating ideas through drawing. Secondly, don’t feel pressured to fit into a style or find one because everyone is unique.


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