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Your Round

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Introducing Your Round

GOLD Winner at the Pentawards 2022 for Professional conceptual work – Sustainable design category.

A circular beer delivery concept created to connect the local beer industry with local consumers in metropolitan areas.

Consumers subscribe to the service to purchase beer brewed by local breweries. Fresh beer is delivered to subscribers using a purposefully designed reuse packaging system. Watch our video or read all about it below:

  • Modular Containers, unbranded so they can be repeatedly filled with any brand of beer. 2.L and 5L sizes are leased to the subscriber per order; once emptied, they are collected, cleaned, and put back into the system to be refilled.
  • Smart Tap, retained and reused by subscribers to dispense the beer from the modular containers. They are leased to users for the duration of their subscription; it is their physical interface with the brand and beer inside.

The reuse packaging system addresses the environmental impact of the beer industry through circularity and decarbonisation and ensures beer at home is always served as fresh as the brewer intended.

The service works at a local level i.e., city or regional to achieve the required scale to make it sustainable and commercially viable. The local hub and distribution network facilitates:

  • Clean, empty containers are taken to breweries to be filled and sealed, then returned to the central hub where they are stored until purchased.
  • Filled containers are delivered to subscribers’ homes, with empty ones collected in the same journey.
  • The empty containers are returned to the hub, where they are cleaned and stored ready to be refilled.
  • Subscribers can also collect and return containers at their local bar, pub, or off-licence.

Subscribers interact with the service via a data-enabled app to browse and purchase beers, receive recommendations and offers, manage their orders, and monitor the status of the beer they have purchased.

Reuse packaging solutions require us to rethink how we brand packaging. The Modular Containers carry the “Your Round” brand but must be beer agnostic as they will be filled with many different brand of beers during their lifetime. 

The service is also perfect for B2B. Independent bars and pubs, pop-up events and food trucks could also subscribe to the service and order larger containers (10L or 20L) from which to serve beer to customers.

Benefits of Your Round:


  • The packaging system would allow beer brands to ‘move the needle’ on their scope 3 decarbonisation commitments and lead the conversation
  • It would ‘redirect the loop’ by using robust sustainable materials that offer longevity in use
  • It would ‘narrow the loop’ by reducing the depletion of natural resources and the amount of material used over time
  • It would ‘slow the loop’ down by keeping or reusing resources and materials for longer
  • It would ‘clean the loop’ by moving away from carbon and energy intensive single-use materials


  • The service would offer subscribers access to a wide range of local beers through a single platform
  • It would offer an optimised at-home product experience with fresh beer ‘on tap’
  • It would enhance subscribers’ lifestyles; the packaging system would be adaptable and portable to suit different lifestyles, occasions, and off-trade locations (home, garden, park, beach etc.)
  • It would offer convenience over current off-trade experiences; easy to order, home delivery and collection, instant pour from the fridge, easy to store outside fridge
  • It would reduce the barriers consumers commonly encounter when engaging with reuse systems


  • The service would capitalise on the growth of in-home consumption and changing behaviours and needs
  • It would harness the growing love of local and connect consumers with local breweries and beers
  • It would forge new roles for local pubs, bars, and off-licenses to play and strengthen their interactions with local consumers
  • It would enable smaller breweries to provide a circular economy service to customers


  • The data enabled service would allow subscribers’ tastes, motivations, and behaviours to be understood better than ever before
  • It would also allow recommendation, prediction and anticipation of what subscribers want (before they even know it)
  • Data could be monetised, and used to develop commercial partnerships that would help make the service indispensable to changing daily lives
  • The service would amortise the cost across its business rather than the breweries; they would only need to commit to a filling cycle
  • The service would piggyback upon growth in Direct to Consumer (DTC) and fill a gap in the beer marketplace

Features of the reuse packaging system…

Designed to inform

The Smart Tap is the primary brand interface with which to ‘talk’ to subscribers, thanks to a lens utilising e-ink technology. It has been designed to inform subscribers.

  • The lens displays the beer brand stored within the container and associated product information such as quantity left, temperature and brewing / filling dates; an updatable and washable RFID chip located on the Modular Container communicates this to the Smart Tap.
  • The lens also informs subscribers of the battery and CO2 levels.
  • The Smart tap communicates with the app to allow subscribers to access this information remotely and immerse themselves more deeply into the brand.

A secondary brand interface is the cap applied to the valve of the Modular Containers after filling; a branded Pulpac card shroud provides a tamper seal and communicates product information such as the beer brand, brewery and filling date.

Designed to be portable

Beer isn’t only consumed in the home…

  • The Modular Containers have been designed to be portable out of the home, such as to a friend’s party, to the park or to the beach.
  • To transport safely, the main body of the Smart Tap can be swivelled 90° around the collar to fold it within the outer dimensions of the Modular Container.
  • Furthermore, the cost of littering from single-use packaging is being absorbed into legislation and taxes; Your Round mitigates this.

Designed for the perfect serve

The Smart Tap provides users with a perfect serve, at home or on the go, with a draft quality comparable to the bar or pub.

  • The packaging has been designed so that it can provide a perfect serve wherever it is stored upright or on its side.
  • The pour spout and lever can be swivelled 90 degrees to adapt to whether the container is stood up or laid down.
  • The lens can also be turned 90° to lock the tap and ensure no accidental serving.

Designed to ‘plug and play’

The packaging system has been designed so that the assembly and maintenance of components is intuitive and simple for consumers.

  • The Smart Tap attaches to the valve assembly on the Modular Container with a simple push down and twist.
  • A CO2 cannister is screwed into the Smart Tap to pressurise the system (20L worth of beer). Once emptied, it is collected, refilled, and placed back into the system in tandem with the Modular Containers.
  • The Smart Tap can be easily disassembled for cleaning and, if necessary, repair or replacement of any damaged components.

Designed for reuse

Refillable beer kegs are commonplace in the beer on-trade. However, the smaller consumer-facing kegs available through retail channels are not. Your Round changes this…

  • The conversion of packaging into reuse systems is a crucial element in reducing CO2 impact, packaging waste, and achieving circularity.
  • Reuse is based upon designing out waste and keeping products and materials in use (Ellen MacArthur Foundation).
  • The benefits of reuse systems include savings in annual material costs (through zero packaging waste) and reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Designed to last

The Modular Containers offers longevity throughout the supply chain. Their construction comprises:

  • Pressurised stainless-steel chamber with an expected lifetime of 30+ years.
  • Stainless-steel outer shrouds with an expected lifetime of 5-10 years, fastened onto the chamber for ease of maintenance and repair.
  • Valve assembly including spear that facilitates bottom-up filling and attachment of Smart Tap.

Designed to wear well

The widespread adoption of reuse systems will require a change in consumer attitudes to perfection… there will be wear and tear!

  • To limit this, the outer shrouds on the Modular Container are finished and patterned so that wear and tear of the supply chain can be absorbed by the containers without a detrimental visual effect.
  • The pattern comprises small, raised areas that reduce the impact points and disguise dents. The raised areas expose the natural stainless steel so that scratches are hidden.

Designed for efficient storage and distribution

  • The Modular Containers come in a range of sizes, from 2.5L and 5L variants for B2C (at home), to 10L and 20L variants for B2C (such as small bars, restaurants, pop-ups, and food trucks).
  • A clever locating system enables containers of different sizes to be stacked on top of each other for efficient storage and distribution.
  • Efficient distribution (delivery and collection) is key to optimising the carbon footprint.

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