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Type Tasting & 1HQ in new collaboration

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We are delighted to announce a new collaboration between 1HQ and Sarah Hyndman, founder of Type Tasting.

After working together on two recent projects, Sarah and 1HQ’s Amelia Boothman realised that their respective areas of expertise were mutually beneficial – and could offer clients a way to drive brand value and relevance when designing new brands, communications and products.

“We met at my interactive masterclass at the Museum of Brands, during which we realised that we’d been looking at the same issue from different angles. We’d both been researching why different visual stories work for brands, but I’d been looking at imagery whilst Sarah had been looking at fonts” said Amelia.

We have now identified the specific superpowers of fonts that build and drive meaning (especially in today’s world of design storytelling), and that one simple font change can transform how we feel about a product.

Amelia said; “We knew we could use semiotics to identify new and unique platforms for brand and innovation, but this was the icing on the cake, unlocking something so subtle, that we could now more authentically and comprehensively complete the visual story and meaning in consumers eyes”

Sarah Hyndman investigates typefaces as visual codes; how they document culture and create meaning. Her research started with two studies published with Professor Charles Spence at the University of Oxford and she has also published ‘Why Fonts Matter’, speaks on BBC Radio 4 and is a judge for both D&AD and Penguin Awards. Her TEDx talk is a great introduction as to why we’re so excited to be working with her.

Sarah said “I’ve been researching typefaces in context of culture and the different messages they communicate for a number of years. Combining what I’ve learned with Amelia’s knowledge of semiotics and consumer trends gives us a powerful strategy for adding meaning. I’m excited that this collaborative approach means we can make typography, the voice of a brand, work really hard to tell its unique story and position it for the future.”

If you would like to find out more about this collaboration, please contact Amelia Boothman.


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