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New Managing Director to nurture local talent

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We are pleased to announce that Bas van Herten will be joining the team in The Netherlands on September 3rd as 1HQ Rotterdam’s Managing Director. Van Herten will promote and develop key clients from the 1HQ Rotterdam office, as well as expand business growth into the rest of Europe. 

With a proven depth of experience, van Herten will help to lead 1HQs global competitive advantage, ensuring the agency remains ahead of the game from a pricing perspective, but more importantly that local talent is better nurtured in order to understand the nuances of culture. This supports 1HQs strategy to develop key local hubs to continue to add value to clients.

Van Herten comments, “Curiosity is at the heart of every question; but this is only part of the reason I am joining the 1HQ team from the start of September. We share the belief that great design is driven by a great strategy. Success is the result of bringing brands with ambition together with talented creative minds, lots of positive energy and hard work. Helping to grow the 1HQ footprint in Europe is a great way for me to continue my career that now spans 20 years of working in the creative industry. I am looking forward to bringing my international experience in brand, design and communications to brands and brand owners around the region.”

Van Herten’s values echo those of 1HQ. Over the last 25 years, 1HQ have blended smart, strategic insight with boundless passion and creativity to shape unique brand stories that have challenged, innovated and inspired the world. 

Mark Artus, 1HQ Brand Agency CEO, comments, “Thinking globally and acting locally is a well-trodden phrase…but one that we have taken seriously as we grow 1HQ. Every new global 1HQ studio must have a leadership team that understands local cultures and employs local teams that can adjust global brands to local culture….and to do more than just act on this by implementing key glocal considerations. We are delighted therefore that Bas has decided to take the MD role for 1HQ-NL and will lead the development of this strategically important location.”

Artus and van Herten will work closely together, continuing to build multicultural teams that understand the complexities of a brand’s core values and who have a seminal attitude to adapt quickly to local preferences and cultures.

In a world where brands operate across continents with ever-increasing touch-points, a consistent story to drive brand activity has never been more important. 1HQ have recognised the need for clients to have global synergy and are now in the process of building 1HQ-Asia with a core hub in Singapore as well as satellite offices in Auckland, Sydney, Durban, Mumbai, Shanghai, Dubai, Geneva, Stockholm, Istanbul, Berlin and Hamburg.

For further information, please contact media@1hqglobal.com


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