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It’s good to be home this Christmas

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This year, we’ve all spent more time there than we’d expected.

It’s become an office, a studio and, for a while, a schoolroom. We’ve been there on camera, in conferences and on calls (even if some of us still haven’t got the hang of the unmute button).

At times it’s been our sanctuary. At others, it’s felt more like a prison. Still, we’ve got through it, apart but together. And as we look to the holidays, put up our trees and shut down our laptops, we all know deep down that there’s no place like it.

But now is also a moment when we think of others who aren’t so fortunate: people facing hardship and distress and some who don’t have anywhere they can call home. That’s why this year, each of our global studios have decided to support a local charity, rather than sending out gifts.

In Singapore we’ve chosen to donate to the Ray of Hope Campaign  – an initiative for the benefit of migrant workers, which funds the purchase of essential items like meals, groceries and utility purchases, such as hair trimmers, cookers, phones and data top-ups.

In the Netherlands, we’ve chosen to donate to Clinic Clowns, an organisation that creates precious moments through imaginative interaction with sick and handicapped children, and people living with dementia.

In the UK, we’ve chosen to donate to Foodshare, a charity that distributes around 1800 non-perishable food items and vouchers to families and individuals in the Windsor area who would otherwise be going hungry.

In New York, we’ve chosen to donate to New York Cares, an organisation that recruits, trains and places volunteers who serve the pressing needs of the community in a range projects – including schools, soup kitchens, senior centers, public parks and other nonprofits.


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