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Get Wasted: Round 2

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Over the holiday season, we are all guilty of buying and indulging in too much food. This year Ceuta Group released a few sobering facts around how much is thrown away by both brands and shoppers over the festive period: 

  • 2,000,000 turkeys will be thrown away this Christmas
  • 7,100,000 pigs in blankets will be discarded
  • 5,000,000 Christmas puddings will get thrown in the bin
  • 5,000,000 litres of gravy will be poured away

Our mission at 1HQ is to highlight and reduce food waste and after a successful Get Wasted: 1HQ Lunch Club in 2019 we asked the office once more to dig deep into the back of their cupboards and bring in any Christmas leftovers before they hit the bin. 

Head Chef Amelia, Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation, alongside a team of sous-chefs, got creative with black beans, wraps and wonky veg to cook a feast of Mexican Wraps. 

For pudding, the team pulled off an excellent ‘here’s one we made earlier’ moment and produced home made ice-cream, including flavours such as Christmas pudding with gin, stollen and vodka and a dairy free coconut option.

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The sustainable ‘pay what you feel’ lunch included a raffle of unwanted holiday presents. Donations raised will go to the Windsor Homeless charity and a new Community Kitchen Project aimed at equipping those using the FoodBank and the recently housed homeless with cooking tips on how to turn items into nutritious meals.


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