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1HQ and Creative Leap merge to offer enjoyable wellness expertise

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1HQ and Creative Leap’s unique combination of skills is designed to help clients take a bigger slice of the ‘enjoyable wellness’ sector.  

Growing demand for products and services that support healthier lifestyles has led to a blurring of the boundaries between previously distinct categories. Succeeding in the emerging ‘enjoyable wellness’ space presents a challenge to established brands.

Traditionally brand identity and visual language, category navigational codes, design cues, copy and claims have been very different in healthcare and FMCG. Attempting to blend previously distinctive design codes can create confusion amongst consumers and disrupt shopper behaviour – often to the detriment of legacy brands and businesses.

As one client recently commented: 

“FMCG agencies struggle with the complexities of regulated environments while traditional pharmaceutical or medical marketing agencies face similar challenges understanding consumer and shopper behaviour.”

So how do established brand owners navigate the complex ‘grey’ areas between food and health to create distinctive, relevant and credible propositions that engage consumers in a dynamic, changing market?

Creative Leap and 1HQ are respectively, leaders in healthcare and food and beverage branding and have joined forces to address these very issues and will be opening a new studio in central London, alongside existing offices in Amsterdam, New York and Singapore. 

For more on this topic, read our latest thoughts piece, ‘How to win a bigger slice of the enjoyable wellness pie.’

Recent 1HQ and Creative Leap collaborations include Tri Tolonen, Berkeley Life, Breyers Delights and MiFu. 


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