Day 2 Wins Meaning-Centred Design Award.

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Day 2, a dry wash spray, has won in the ‘Consumer Product’ category at the Meaning-Centred Design Awards. 

1HQ helped to prepare the Day 2 brand to launch into retail, taking into consideration the purpose behind the product to create a fresh, clean new identity, bringing sustainable innovation and disruption to the laundry category.

The Meaning-Centred Design Awards celebrate the best brands, organisations, services, apps and products which have managed their own meaning or that of the category/sector they live in. They honour those visionaries that make sense of markets and cultures to create products that people will value more. 

Day 2 set out to change consumer behaviour and encourage the re-wear of clothes with confidence. With over 40% of clothes that go in a washing machine not classified as dirty, the Day 2 team crafted a new meaning to laundry, with each bottle of dry wash spray saving the equivalent of 60 litres of water.

The Meaning-Centred Design Awards recognised Day 2 as an innovation that mastered the emotional and cultural meanings that drive consumer behaviour. Day 2 has been showcased as a product that not only looks good, but does good, with a social purpose that the target demographic can truly resonate with. 

Day 2 co-founder Nathan commented:1HQ were a brilliant partner and instrumental in helping us realise the visual world of Day2. They created a brand visual identity which both evolved from laundry and challenged it; a clean, modern and bold aesthetic that helped normalise re-wearing, and confidently encourage people to do less laundry. This award is a testament to the disruptive thinking at the agency.


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