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Promotional & Shopper Marketing

Maximise your chances of making point-of-purchase sales with insight-driven campaigns. We develop and implement promotional shopper marketing campaigns that are underpinned by a deep understanding of how your shoppers behave, allowing you to tailor your marketing activities.

Understanding and optimising shopper behavior

Targeting someone who is shopping in-store or online requires a different approach than you would take when nurturing an audience over a long period of time. With 1HQ as your promotional marketing agency, you can ensure your messaging is informed by research into your shoppers’ behaviour and that you hit the mark when it comes to product, price, place and promotion.

We help you to understand everything about your customers’ shopping habits before leveraging these insights to the advantage of your brand. Our deep dive into the behaviours of your customers sees us analyse their needs, decision-making processes and buying habits. In turn, this allows us to then optimise and re-shape your brand’s strategically-guided shopper marketing techniques to drive sales directly at the point of purchase.

Driving sales with marketing insight

Unlike other shopper marketing agencies, our promotional shopper marketing service is not simply complemented by research and analytical findings relating to the behaviours of your customers; it is actively inspired and shaped by this insight. Our service goes beyond the scope of other promotional marketing agencies and enables you to make key decisions on everything from packaging design, to display advertising, to sampling demos.

Our tried and tested methods are implemented by our team of industry experts who will isolate the aspects of your brand’s marketing approaches that can be better tailored to suit your customers. This will not only help in increasing purchases at the point of sale – whether that’s online or in-store – it will also provide you with the data needed to accurately defend budgets and plan and execute more effective shopper marketing campaigns going forward.

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