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Brand Advertising

Establishing a strong brand that builds connections and forges meaningful long-term relationships with your customers. We work to ensure your brand’s story unfolds across multiple channels and touchpoints with clarity, consistency and commercial success.

Strengthening brand identity and building credibility

With consumers today willing to build long-standing and loyal relationships with brands they believe to be reliable and trustworthy, as well as those they simply recognise as market leaders, cutting through the noise to create the ideal brand identity through advertising is essential.

At 1HQ, we focus on two separate aspects of brand advertising to build, position and entrench your brand in the minds of your target market. We work with you to form and perfect your brand’s identity. We shape its character and marketplace presence and ensure the brand is not only highly identifiable and recognisable, but also unique and relatable.

Additionally, we help build brand credibility. Customers feel comfortable purchasing from brands they feel are trustworthy and this perception of integrity must be at the forefront when developing a brand identity. Our brand advertising service makes use of compelling content, collaboration with influencers and smart word-of-mouth marketing techniques across all digital and social touchpoints to ensure the story of your brand unfolds exactly the way you want.

Simple and credible narratives that connect

We make sure your story and brand truths are the heart of our approach. We keep your goals in mind every step of the way, from the initial ideation stage right through to implementation and beyond, achieving maximum returns on your investment in the process.

No matter whether you’re looking to shake things up and reposition your existing brand, or you want to identify the best market position for a new entrant in which to establish itself, at 1HQ our specialist team of digital branding experts help you to create simple, relatable and credible brand narratives that will connect with customers across multiple platforms and make your business to stand out from the crowd.

To find out more about how 1HQ can help your business best position itself in its industry with smart brand advertising, contact us.

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