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Consumer Research & Insights

Harnessing consumer research and insights to uncover where commercial advantage lies. Our experts employ a range of techniques to get to the heart of what consumers are really thinking, and how your business can use this learning to benefit your bottom line.

Bridging the gap between opportunity and execution

An effective brand strategy is underpinned by an accurate and detailed understanding of what it is that your target audience want and how you can best satisfy their desires and expectations. This requires expert, in-depth consumer research. At 1HQ, we are specialists at drilling down into what matters to consumers. Using a variety of perfectly honed research methods, we tap into people’s attitudes, opinions and experiences to help you bridge the gap between business opportunity and execution. Armed with the insights we provide, you can drive your brand strategy forward on a secure footing and realise the full potential of your business.

From developing new products, to expanding into different markets, to fine-tuning your brand story, our consumer research gives you a solid foundation on which to grow. In challenging, continually evolving markets, being able to leverage detailed market intelligence can give you an edge over competitors and be crucial to your long-term success.

Real and reliable consumer responses

Standard approaches to consumer insight research often fail to reveal the full picture. At 1HQ, our specialists employ sophisticated techniques that can bypass rationally filtered answers to unearth more reliable and real responses. Also, when assessing consumer trends, we don’t get side-tracked by short-term fads; we focus on the lasting changes that reflect where the real commercial advantage lies for your business.

To find out more about how we can help you gain a fuller understanding of your target audience through consumer insights and the opportunities accessible to your brand, contact us today.

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