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Brand Purpose and Sustainability

Creating brands that resonate with customer values. We will help you to boost consumer engagement by identifying and communicating your sustainable brand purpose.

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Discovering your sustainable purpose

Sustainability has now entered the mainstream and is a key concern for many businesses in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Increasingly, consumers are looking for brands that can do more with less, and that take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously. Bombarded by so much choice, shoppers want to find meaning in the purchasing decisions they make and this is driving them to brands that reflect their personal outlook and beliefs.

At 1HQ, we are perfectly placed to help you engage with consumers on the issue of sustainability. Our experts will get to the heart of your brand sustainability purpose by examining the values you hold and the concerns and priorities of your customer base. We’ll identify sustainable goals that appear relevant, honest and meaningful to consumers - and from these objectives, you’ll be able to take tangible actions that have a positive impact on the world and enhance your brand image.

Communicating your commitment to sustainability

It’s not enough to simply decide on a sustainable brand purpose. You also have to communicate this purpose clearly and effectively to your target audience. People don’t just want to know what it is that your business is doing to help the environment or communities; they also want to have a clear idea of why you’re doing it. This means that to drive consumer engagement, you have to be seen as sincere and committed to the cause.

As experts in brand positioning and communication, we will help you to integrate sustainability as a core part of your identity and messaging. By building sustainability into your overarching identity, you can speak to consumers’ priorities with confidence and authority.

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