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Helping consumers to navigate your offering. As experts in brand and design architecture, we will help you to structure your products and services in a way that consumers easily understand.

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Creating a clear, consistent and appealing brand narrative

As your product portfolio grows, there is a danger that you will lose brand clarity and focus. This is a particular risk for businesses that have been around for a while and those that have expanded through acquisitions. Where once your branding might have been clear and consistent, now it may leave consumers feeling confused and put off. In turn, this could depress sales and dent your bottom line.

At 1HQ, it’s our business to make sure your business has a bold, compelling brand narrative that covers your entire product and service range. We offer brand architecture services that ensure your portfolio is structured and presented in a way that is easy and intuitive for shoppers to grasp. We will clearly show how your products and sub-brands relate to each other, consolidating your range in the minds of consumers and making your brand more appealing in the process.

A brand story that unifies and inspires

A unique and inspiring brand story lies at the heart of effective brand and design architecture, and that’s exactly what we will help you to develop. Getting to the core of what sets you apart as a business, we will craft a persuasive narrative that resonates with consumers and unifies your offering.

Creating something specific and exclusive to your brand, we will help you to flex your identity and drive your message home across all products and consumer touchpoints.

Improve the structure and cohesiveness of your product and service range with the help of the specialists at 1HQ. To discover more about this service, simply contact our team today.

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