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ZeeTV: Brand Communication

South Asia’s most established TV network channels, ZEE TV and ZEE Cinema no longer commanded a monthly subscription fee. They became ‘fee-free,’ something that needed to be communicated loudly and proudly to South Asians living in the UK.

We set out to create a single, over-arching idea, with the depth and breadth to be applied across a wide range of different media channels, formats, touchpoints and campaign ‘life stages’. This needed to be executed with consistency, visual impact and relevance.

Our approach took people on a journey, capturing their imagination and intrigue. Tapping into the power of human curiosity, we created a Zeecret, a campaign that gave the perfect opportunity to tease and reveal.

This resulted in a lead up campaign, to feed curiosity and build excitement around the promise of exciting new news, a second revel stage to increase awareness and consumer commitment to ZEE TV and a third to promote the key properties, optimise appeal and drive take-up.

zee tv wall poster

zee tv in the tube station

see tv underground poster

Capturing imagination and intrigue with a campaign to tease and reveal.