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Brilliantly crafted

Segafredo Zanetti’s world class coffee is the result of four generations of sourcing and crafting the highest quality beans, creating a uniquely rich smooth flavour served in over 350 cafes around the globe. It is with this legacy we created a brand aesthetic for their retail and out-of-home product range that is worth savouring.

Although well-established globally, Segafredo Zanetti had limited awareness in the US. In an already crowded imported coffee category, it was imperative to connect with the right audience. Through our research we discovered an opportunity amongst the “adventurous drinker” – consumers who are experience driven and crave a modern culinary and beverage ritual.

With authentic European roots, expert barista credentials, and a first-class sustainability mission we focused design and messaging around the creation of exceptional taste that matters.

This led to a graphic and messaging strategy that is both educational on process and preparation as well as celebrates the care and precision of Italian design. Brought to life through packaging, advertising and ethical and social initiatives all representing an exceptional experience.

Living your best life one cup at a time