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Peperami: Pack re-design

Peperami asked us to evolve their Masterbrand, delivering a design that would give the brand greater relevance and modernity. Importantly, the design needed to appeal to two very distinct audiences. Gatekeepers shopping for family, and young adults shopping predominantly for themselves. And it also needed to work for the existing range (retaining familiarity for this much-loved brand) and future NPD, as they expand into new partitions.

The over-arching objective of the redesign was to drive brand penetration and sales. In order to do this, the design needed to overcome the two main barriers to purchase, shifting consumer and shopper perceptions that a) Peperami is a brand that is relevant to them today and b) Peperami is a snacking product which delivers against their snacking needs.

The existing Peperami branding, whilst a little tired, delivered high levels of recognition and awareness. So, one of our biggest challenges was to create a new, fresh feel for the brand that was more evolutionary in its approach than revolutionary – a design that appeals to loyal consumers, whilst attracting new ones.

In addition, Peperami has an extensive range of existing products, and an exciting pipeline of new products, so we needed to find a holistic approach, creating a clear and impactful design architecture that could be applied with impact and ease, aiding navigation at point of purchase across SKUs, delivering differentiation for different flavours and protein types!

We demonstrated how brands, particularly iconic or well-established ones, transform themselves to stay relevant, before combining that with a detailed semiotic audit of the snacking category to highlight where not to play as a brand. The key for the creative design studio was to overlay the brand’s characteristics – its built-in traits of taste, energy and excitement – to give us the design directions, colours, illustration styles and even language that helped to drive how the identity could evolve and adapt.

This also allowed us to see how far the brand could move from its current look before it lost familiarity or damaged the distinctive design equities. Through this exploration, we could demonstrate how the typography and hero colours could work so much harder for us and bring the brand to life for a new audience. We’ve evolved the Peperami brandmark to feel bolder and more confident. Relaxing the logotype and removing the keylines has helped make it feel more progressive and relevant to consumers.


“The team at 1HQ have been a great asset alongside my own. Their creativity, honesty, insight, passion and understanding of the Peperami brand needs have led us to expanding our involvement with them. Beyond their Shopper Communications responsibilities, they’ve become a lead creative partner on some of our most significant projects in 2020/21. And it’s the reason why we took the decision to come straight to 1HQ for our new range redesign that will be hitting the shelves in 2021.” – Pav Chandra, Head of Marketing

peperami packaging vegerami

peperami packaging

peperami logo summary

This is a contemporary, confident and full-on re-design; a fearless, energetic and uncompromising update.