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Iconic cool

Our longstanding partnership with Klondike began with the reinvention of the iconic brand and packaging for their classic crispy chocolate-shelled, silver foil wrapped, square ice cream bars. We wanted to celebrate this true American dessert-aisle-legend and design a fresh visual language that could live up to the brand’s cool persona.

1HQ redesigned the brand identity and iconic Klondike polar bear, evolving him into a symbol of confidence. The new, chiseled illustration style was inspired by the bold brand world that still asks consumers just how far they will go for a Klondike. This confidence, delivered with a touch of humorous swagger, is embodied by our new tagline – that goes beyond the bar – “Making Squares Cool Since 1922”.

After the success of the re-brand, we partnered with the team on product innovations, launching Klondike Donuts, a fun and playful twist on the shape and flavors of the traditional square. And Klondike Shakes, an on-the-go ice cream treat, in kid-friendly pouches. Most recently we created the award-winning design for Klondike Cones.

1HQ created distinct sub-brand visuals for each product while building on the Masterbrand assets – the iconic logo, navy and white, the square patterning on silver foil. With each exciting innovation, we extended the Klondike brand’s relevance to new consumers. Creating new reasons for ice cream-fueled fun, now with Klondike Donuts, Shakes and Cones in the square spotlight.

Making Squares Cool Since 1922