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Shine 2gether

What started as a simple at-home kid’s craft project grew to be a premium international best-selling aquatic accessory line that we had the privilege to create an equally fun and inspiring visual and verbal brand identity for.

With only the product in hand, our mission was to create a compelling purpose for the brand to innovate, create and share with their growing international fan base.

Working closely with Bling2o’s founders we established the brand’s essence of creating fun together while delivering fashion with purpose that kids and parents equally embrace.

Intent on connecting with the adventurous imagination, and extraordinary personalities of kids, we worked together to ensure the brand’s voice empowered individuality, self expression and care. This was brought to life through a campaign of motivating mantras, vibrant graphics and engaging photography.

Building from this foundation we then revamped the brand’s e-comm shopping experience through a fun engaging website redesign.

To drive further brand awareness we established a complete social media strategy including actionable weekly content calendar and supporting visual assets, generating an ever growing fan base and increased UGC engagement.

Reason 2 Celebrate – e-comm sales up 85% since rebrand launch.