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Bringing brands to life with names that stand for something bigger. Our naming experts ask the hard questions to find unique, memorable and ownable names that tick all the right boxes.

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Success is harder than it looks

There is a common misconception that coming up with brand names is easy. After all, everyone has an opinion when it comes to names. However, overcoming subjectivity and developing a brand naming strategy that will deliver the perfect fit can be very challenging. Here at 1HQ we see this task as an exciting opportunity to refine and fortify your brand.

As a brand naming agency, our portfolio covers world-class brands from all over the globe, from the UK, to the USA, to Slovenia. We combine our knowledge of naming theory with creativity, critical thinking and an abundance of patience and care to generate a list of names that meet your criteria and help you to achieve your goals.

Identifying the diamonds in the rough

Whether you’re looking to disrupt the market, subvert expectations or reflect your brand’s personality, we dig deep into your brand, your tone of voice, your audience, the naming styles in your market or category, and the role the brand name will play in your business to mine the possibilities. We then work to filter the names we’ve generated to find the diamonds in the rough. Once a shortlist has been created, an intellectual property check is carried out to ensure that all of the names we’re looking to progress are available to you. We also conduct research with real people to identify and explore potential issues, such as pronunciation challenges or perceived negative connotations.

Our recommendations are presented to you in the context of your brief, the competitive set and the previously agreed judgement criteria. To ensure subjectivity isn’t a barrier, we make sure that you’re exposed to the names we suggest repeatedly over a long period of time.

When it comes to naming products, it’s important that the titles you choose are reflective of your brand, and resonate with your audience. If your brand is bringing a new product to market, we can apply the same naming principles we use for generating brand names to develop a product naming strategy that delivers thoughtful, research-based recommendations.

A name has the power to make or break your brand. Find the right one with 1HQ. Get in touch to find out more.

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