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Brand Creation

Capturing the inspirational story that makes your business unique. We will help you to create a clearly defined brand that speaks to consumers and gives you a competitive edge.

Asking and answering the hard questions

In a crowded marketplace, you can’t afford to let your identity take a back seat. You need an instantly recognisable brand that grabs attention, tells the story of your business and emphasises your selling points. From your company name to your products, packaging, website, customer communications and more, your business’s image and personality must shine through strongly and consistently.

At 1HQ, we ask and answer the hard questions that get to the heart of what your business is, what it stands for and how it should be represented through design and communication. Our team will set out to understand the ‘why?’ of your products and the implications this has for the way your brand should be expressed. By identifying the true meaning and personality of your business and translating this into your visual and verbal identity, we can help you to create something great that resonates with consumers and drives sales.

We will also ensure your brand messaging is delivered across all touchpoints and consumer interactions in the most effective ways.

A 360° approach to brand creation

The breadth of expertise we have at 1HQ allows us to take a holistic approach to brand creation. We will look at every element connected to your business’s identity to develop an all-encompassing solution. The depth and diversity of skills on offer in our team leads to more robust outcomes for our clients and it enables us to produce results that excel on both a creative and commercial level.

Struggling with how to create a brand? Come to us to make the right impression with consumers. Contact our team today to discover more about our services.

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