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Packaging Innovation

Making packaging a product in its own right. We help brands to inspire and connect with audiences on a first name basis with packaging innovations that are smart, sustainable, adaptable and immersive.

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A new era of packaging innovation

We are entering a whole new era of packaging. Thanks to a shift towards sustainable behaviour, the growing need for market agility and the rise in technological phenomena such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and 3D printing, packaging is taking on a whole new meaning and dimension.

At 1HQ, we are ushering brands into this new age with packaging innovations that have the power to enhance rather than merely house products and meet the conscious consumer’s desire for sustainability.

Changing how consumers interact with your brand

Packaging has the potential to alter how you and your consumers interact with one another. Immersive interfaces, for example, could provide shoppers with the seamless experience that they are looking for by allowing them to explore the brand world, check the product’s origin and eco credentials, find out how the packaging can be reused or recycled, reorder products and purchase new products via their smartphone.
There is also potential for packaging to provide brands with invaluable feedback around performance and usage. This will help brands to manage fulfillments and make positive changes in real time.

At 1HQ, we are working at the forefront of packaging innovation. We don’t believe in gimmicks or one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, by getting to know your brand, its unique attributes, commercial goals, target demographic and the market it operates in, we develop packaging concepts that provide real benefits to your brand and your customers.

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