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Consumer Trends Analysis

Observing changing social and consumer trends to identify where commercial advantages lie. We use sophisticated trend analysis techniques to distinguish short-term fads from lasting cultural shifts to help your brand make the best strategic choices for maximum appeal and reach.

Understanding your customers and their needs

Trends analysis allows you to maintain brand growth, drive sales and increase your bottom line, by gathering and interpreting data to better understand the habits and behaviours of your customers.

Some trends are short-lived, while others can revolutionise and reshape markets and entire industries. With the help of 1HQ’s expert consumer trend analysts, you can stay on top of the ever-changing market changes which impact your brand and leverage our insights to the advantage of your business. Our deep dive into the behaviours of your customers and competitors and the new trends they are setting allows you to develop a competitive edge by identifying opportunities early on and capitalising on them as the market leader. In turn, this allows you to optimise and re-shape your brand’s marketing approaches in order to drive sales directly at the point of purchase.

Anticipating changing needs and wants

At 1HQ, our team of expert analysts are committed to the real-time monitoring of your brand’s trends and the fads and behavioural shifts in the wider market. They do this by analysing a range of online customer reviews, feedback and ratings, helping you to make confident marketing decisions based on specific needs and wants directly expressed by your customers.

Our tried and tested approaches help not only to anticipate change early and distinguish between short-lived fads and long-term market trends, they also predict future changes in shopper behavior. This provides you with the hard data you need to confidently defend budgets and plan more accurately going forward.

To find out more about how our expert consumer trend analysis could help your brand reach the next level, contact us today.

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