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Brand Design

Combining strategic intelligence with creative flair. We take powerful ideas and translate them into competitive advantage.

Owning, understanding and flexing your brand identify

Effective brand design is about so much more than logos and packaging. To help your business stand out in challenging, ever-changing markets, we get to the crux of what your brand personality and core message is – and deliver this vision across every single touchpoint and interaction.

Creating concepts that are specific and exclusive to your business, our brand design services ensure you fully understand, own and effectively flex your visual and verbal identity. We solve brand challenges with creative solutions, offering services ranging from 2D graphic design and 3D structural design to experience design.

With a compelling fusion of industrial design and brand expertise, we will bring your company message to life across a multitude of channels and with a powerful identity that differentiates your business, enhances the customer experience and builds brand loyalty.

We don’t simply create branding design solutions and hope they achieve commercial objectives; instead, we focus first on commercial objectives and then translate these targets into persuasive creative outputs through clever strategic thinking. From initial idea through to final execution, we have what it takes to elevate your brand to the next level.

Approaching design challenges from all perspectives

One of the key points that separates us from a regular brand design agency and makes us a 360° strategic and creative brand business is the breadth of skills and experience we have. We look at design challenges from all perspectives to deliver more robust outcomes. Every one of our projects is briefed to cross-functional teams to ensure a comprehensive, rigorous and joined-up approach.

Our specialisms include graphic design that puts head, heart and soul into generating visuals for your business that convey your brand message in the most striking and convincing ways. We also offer structural design services that ensure your physical products and packaging truly meet the moment. As the tangible manifestation of branded experiences, packaging must effectively showcase your products and speak directly to your consumers. We work at the intersection of branding, technology and people to deliver compelling and practical solutions.

With environmental concerns an increasingly important factor in consumer buying habits, we provide sustainable, forward-looking design and packaging solutions. Our design services are also highly adaptive. Working with Impackt, we bridge the gap between adaptive design and print management. This allows us to roll out POS executions and e-commerce assets seamlessly.

To discover more about how we can provide brand design solutions that are both fresh and future-proof, simply contact our experts today.

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Individually or working in combination, our services are focussed on the key challenges faced by brands in rapidly evolving markets.