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Marketing Productivity Analysis

Refining your marketing strategies and improving ROI by analysing the performance of your activity. We provide brands with a rigorous framework for measuring marketing productivity.

Helping brands to invest in the right direction

Marketers are facing ever-growing pressure to keep costs down and increase returns. They also often need to demonstrate how marketing spend adds to shareholder value. If your brand is not tracking the effectiveness of its campaigns, you could end up investing money in the wrong direction and missing key opportunities.

At 1HQ, we work with our sister company CollidaScope to help businesses to boost efficiency and achieve the desired results by undertaking a thorough marketing productivity analysis. We can provide your brand with data-driven insights by measuring a range of key performance indicators. We also interpret numerous data sources to reveal what influences shopper behaviour. Whether you’ve been investing in in-store, digital or TV advertising, we can help you to find out what works, what doesn’t and, vitally, why.

Measuring success

CollidaScope’s sophisticated econometric models allow brands to track the effectiveness of campaigns and activities and to understand competitive activity, category and sector dynamics and much more. The models also help brands to measure forecast performance versus actual sales. Crucially, businesses can drill down and find out how individual activities are performing. This level of analysis allows brands to change course in order to achieve KPIs.

Faced with a growing range of marketing opportunities and limited budgets, it’s more important than ever for brands to make use of the data at their disposal in order to make critical decisions. We turn data into actionable insights that help your brand to stay agile and achieve its commercial goals.

For more information on marketing productivity and find out how we can help your brand to boost efficiency, contact us.

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