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Brand Experience & Activation

Planting your brand at the heart of the stories to be told. Our expertly-crafted brand experience campaigns allow you to connect directly with your audience and make a lasting impression.

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Unearthing and communicating your brand truth

With today’s shoppers increasingly distrustful of traditional marketing methods, creating brand awareness and engagement has become more challenging than ever. That’s where brand activation comes in. At 1HQ, we bring your brand to life in the minds of consumers by asking and answering the hard questions. If you’re looking for an activation company that gets to the heart of your brand’s long-term values, ambitions and its reason-to-be, look no further. We delve into the mind of your target customer, revealing their hopes, feelings and needs. Our findings allow us to craft brand experience campaigns that help you to make an impact in the marketplace and encourage consumers to interact directly with your brand.

Full suite of brand activation services

Whether you’re looking for a brand activation agency that can create awareness for a market entrant or you want to transform the perception of an existing brand, we can help. Our cross-functional teams can deliver a full suite of brand activation services, including creative and media strategy and planning, experiential marketing, product innovation, digital and social media communications, website creation, design and development and packaging design.

All of our creative communications are underpinned by the six C’s: consistency, clarity, cohesion, creativity and commercial clout, and a single R: relevance. This approach creates a throughline in your brand narrative that helps to make your brand distinctive and resonant.

When you want a brand experience agency that will help you to uncover the ‘why’ of your brand and create a unique identity that will set you apart from the competition, look to 1HQ.

To find out more about how we could help your brand to discover and achieve its vision, contact us.

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