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What inspires us?

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We sat down with the 1HQ Singapore team to find out what inspires their creative minds, within the industry and beyond.

Betsy Bebbington, 1HQ Singapore’s Account Director was probing into the news that Instagram and Facebook’s are testing removing #vanitymetrics. She comments:

“With the recent ‘social dilemma’ documentary, many have been questioning the role of social media and its impact on our lives. So it’s refreshing to hear that Instagram and Facebook already testing the idea of removing vanity metrics. But for marketeers, who use these tools to evolve with their consumer’s needs, wants and likes on a one-to-one basis, what will this now mean for them? Apparently it could only be a matter of time till facial recognition becomes a suitable replacement for likes. So will design that evokes an emotional response be at an all-time high demand? #Smileinthemind.

Fendy Tasman, 1HQ Singapore’s Senior Designer has recently came across a, not so recent article, celebrating Singaporean artist Ashley Yeo and the ‘the art of slowing down’. He comments:

“In a world that is moving so fast, where you can get everything so instantly, Yeo’s work reminds me to take time to sit back and to enjoy the process. Yeo has chosen a creative path that continually allows her to slow down and enjoy her profession.

I’ve been inspired to find something that I could do as a project that doesn’t take just 1 day to complete with “instant gratification”, but something that might take 3 – 4 weeks to complete to simply learn and train myself to slowing down and to find the joy within the process.”

Sindy Seet, 1HQ Singapore’s Account Manager Stumbled upon an article about crown shyness and it got me intrigued and inspired by how respectful and adaptable plants are. She comments:

“The wonders of nature and oh-so-relatable to the context we live in now. Subtle reminders like this to take care of yourself, give each other some breathing space and to be socially responsible. Be sure to look up the next time you are out wandering amongst the greens!”


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