Top tips for brands to heed over the coming months

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In the latest edition of our quarterly magazine, Cue 10: Which way now? The changing consumer journey.', we sat down with Collidascope Managing Director, Lawrence Janes, and 1HQ Head of Brand Communications, Guy Hepplewhite, too discuss how the right data can drive effective communications. 

Looking at how shopping behaviour has changed in a transitioning world and the subsequent impact on the shopper journey, both Guy and Lawrence gave their thoughts on how brands could start to connect with shoppers in the most meaningful way to maintain foothold. They also gave us their three top tips for brands to heed over the coming months. 

Lawrence Janes - Managing Director, CollidaScope

1) Brands beware

Don't believe all you read (except this article!) 

2) Be granular in your approach

Different markets, sectors and categories, always change, especially at the moment, but they change in different and sometimes unexpected ways, and certainly at different speeds. A one size fits all approach will not work. 

3) Frequently monitor behaviour with multiple data-sources

Use a wide variety of data sources and empirical evidence to make your commercial and marketing investment decisions. In such a transitional world, no one is going to get it totally right. So, frequent monitoring of shopping behaviours, consumer reactions, environmental considerations such as government announcements, C-19 cures, good and bad economic news and the like will help inform what you need to do, especially if you have the capability to forecast the impact on sales of all these factors in connection with your marketing mix.

Guy Hepplewhite - Head of Brand Communications

1) Become agile and responsive to change

Following on from what Lawrence says, do whatever it takes to come more agile and responsive to change. The world feels like a big place. But, if COVID's taught us anything, it's how the macro, not just the micro, can pivot in the blink of an eye. Brands (and their agencies) must anticipate changing times and find ways to scenario plan different creative and media options by their predicted impact on sales and behaviours. 

2) Create brand experiences

Brands need to engage shoppers through experience. For retailed brands, that experience starts with your ingredients and how you present yourself on shelf to how you contribute to the wellbeing of people and planet. For retailers, it's about the digital and physical shopping experiences you deliver. Work with, not against, the brands you retail to deliver a shopper experience that makes your shoppers glad they've journeyed to you, not a sterile destination that's homogenised, bland and meaningless. 

3) Give consumers a reason to return

Entertaining customers and giving people a reason to return isn't about cheap thrills; it needs to address an unmet need or mission for shoppers whilst perfectly capturing what the brand stands for. 

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Which way now? The changing consumer journey