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Top 5: Health and Wellness Podcasts

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Our ‘Top 5’ articles are featured in each edition of Cue, our quarterly magazine.

In Issue 05, we looked at the shifting healthcare landscape – and the knock-on effect change in food and drink branding is having on the pharmaceutical industry.

With achieving ‘Enjoyable Wellness’ on everyone’s agenda, we put together our Top 5 health and wellness podcasts to download for your commute. 

10% Happier 

Affected by his time as a young reporter in war zones. ABC news anchor Dan Harris, turned to meditation to help manage his anxiety and depression after sugaring from a panic attack on live TV. Determined to bring the idea of meditation to everyone, he created 10% Happier, a no BS meditation app full of relatable advice and tools on how to benefit from mindfulness in small doses. 

The Food Medic 

Dr Hazel Wallace, medical doctor, personal trainer, blogger and author, is joined by leading experts in the health and wellness space to discuss how we can cut through the confusing information bombarding our everyday lives. From sustainable diets and whether plant milk alternatives are actually suitable nutritional alternatives to milk, to the impact diets can have on our skin. Dr Hazel Wallace aims to bridge the gap between traditional medical advice and developments in nutrition. We are eagerly waiting for season 3 to start…


Gastropod is co-hosted by Cynthia Graber, award-winning radio producer and print reporter in the agriculture, science and food sectors, and Nicola Twilley, author of Edible Geography and New Yorker contributor. The podcast looks at the hidden history and surprising science behind different foods, cooking processes and diet mysteries. From forgotten fruits and the history of preservatives to the bagelization of America, this foodie podcast will leave you feeling like one smart cookie. 

Feel Better Live More 

With over 16 years’ experience in the medical profession, Dr Chatterjee has concluded that health has become overcomplicated and is on a mission to simplify it using 4 pillars: food, movement, sleep and relaxation. Now the number one health podcast in the UK, Dr Chatterjee hosts leading health experts and personalities who offer life-hacks on subjects such as mental fitness to harnessing the power of communities. 

Sincerely Hueman 

Your quick 15 – minute fix to restore your faith in humanity. Sincerely Hueman, shares the stories of people you’d want to get to know. Spreading positivity by focusing on those doing good in the modern age, this podcast features hose creative purpose, hope and healing both within their communities and globally. 

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