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The FMCG & FMCH specialist: 1HQ Global strengthens expertise in Health & Wellbeing

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To further strengthen the senior leadership team and to build on their existing expertise in Health & Wellbeing, 1HQ welcomes David Collyer, former Brand, Marketing & Digital Director for Nuffield Health, to the team.

By developing a new brand strategy, proposition and purpose, David recently helped Nuffield Health surpass competitors to become the UK’s most trusted Heath & Wellbeing brand. In creating a digital reach model, David also enabled the business to measure its Social return on investment through digital channels.

In turn, this supported the business’ brand purpose of ‘building a healthier nation’ through quantified health interventions as a direct result of consumers’ interaction with the brand products, services and content.

Working with 1HQ’s Strategy & Innovation team and 1HQCreativeLeap, David will help address the powerful shift in consumer attitudes and behaviours towards ‘preventative’ Health & Wellbeing, identifying the impact and opportunities this will bring to traditional FMCG categories. 

Shifting consumer demands are driving new preferences for products and services within the Health & Wellbeing space. The conversation has turned to ‘Enjoyable Wellness’ – with people looking for tasty food that is good for the mind, body and soul, conscious that their purchase has minimal impact upon society and the planet”.

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Consumers are more focussed on their Health & Wellbeing than ever before – presenting both an issue and opportunity for FMCG brands.

1HQ have identified that consumers are looking for ‘Enjoyable Wellness’ e.g., food and drink that tastes great whilst delivering mineral and nutritional benefits aligned to preventive health.

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Previously, healthier products were considered a compromise, however, as regulation has tightened and production capabilities improved, recent product launches focus heavily on a wellbeing message, offering a more holistic experience, not just consumer wellness or physical health.

Brands are now expected to encompass, taste, convenience, wellbeing and purpose, often combined with an emotionally engaging and fun personality to make the wellbeing feel enjoyable.

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However, the challenge for many brand owners lies in successfully aligning their brand identity and visual language to this new shift in consumer shopping trends.

Category navigational codes, design cues, copy and claims are traditionally very different between healthcare and FMCG brands. With this in mind, it is unsurprising that many of the core challenges encountered by FMCG brands are found at the increasingly blurred boundaries of ‘Enjoyable Wellness’.

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Brands across all categories and markets now have an opportunity to innovate and play their part in building a healthier nation. With consumers activity seeking brands and products that are akin to this attitudinal mindset shift to ‘preventative’ vs ‘outcome’ focussed behaviour, 1HQ have identified the ‘Enjoyable Wellness’ innovation potential across multiple categories, from household cleaning to family nutrition.

The ‘Enjoyable Wellness’ mindset also extends to ‘Enjoyable Sustainability’. Consumers are taking a more responsible approach to the brands they purchase, selecting products with a view towards waste reduction and minimising plastic consumption… again adopting a preventative mindset.

1HQ have designed and proven a robust methodology: DeeperFasterSmarter. Deeper through more emotive platforms, smarter through tailored innovation and faster through a new agile process.

Translating these insights into compelling visual and verbal brand propositions, as well as creating sustainable packaging that respects and amplifies key aspects of existing brand equity, will drive relevance, distinctiveness and engagement.

David Collyer and 1HQ previously worked together in the arena of ‘Enjoyable Wellness’ when David was Director of Marketing & Strategy at InterContinental Hotels Group. Together they launched the award-winning Holiday Inn ‘Food for Thought’ menu, developed in conjunction with ‘Food for the Brain’ and Manchester University. It’s delicious, nutritionally balanced and slow GI releasing ‘brain food’ improved meeting outputs by +20% cementing IHG’s place as a category and market leader.

“We are delighted to welcome David to the team. His Health & Wellbeing industry experience further strengthens our strategic expertise and capabilities in Health & Wellness”.
David Gray Managing Director, 1HQ CreativeLeap, specialist in Health & Wellbeing brands

Get in touch to find out how the team at 1HQ could help your brand successfully enter the Enjoyable Wellness space. 


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