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It’s time to commit

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COP26 has finished and there are three broad take outs from the summit:

1. We are not doing enough. Limiting global warming to 1.5° looks highly unlikely; we are on track for closer to 2.7° if we continue as we are without more decisive action.

2. There is a gap between promises and policies and intentions and actions.  Countries are not doing enough to outline how they are going to deliver the emissions reductions they have promised, while people’s good intentions around environmentally responsible consumption is not yet translating into action.

3. Business must do more to help people make the lifestyle changes required.  It is best placed to drive a new culture of sustainability and new behaviours through the products and services they offer.  A good start is the promise made by the top five UK supermarkets to cut down on packaging and food waste to meet net zero objectives and halve the impact of a weekly food basket on global warming by the end of the decade.  

But why has resource consumption, circularity and packaging not featured more on the agenda? 

Resource consumption lies at the heart of the twin environmental crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.  If we are to maintain growth on a finite planet, step-change solutions must be developed that put the brakes on resource consumption.  

Single-use packaging is a major contributor of resource consumption.  There is also an innovation gap in carbon emissions reduction strategies that requires business to reimagine packaging solutions and business models and accelerate investment.

The business need is clear… systemic change that addresses both through reuse and circularity.  

The good news is that this can be done, and we can help!  We are working on sustainable packaging solutions, both single use and reuse systems, to reduce packaging waste and help businesses transition to a more circular approach.

Understanding the social, environmental, and technological impact of these solutions is crucial here so we have partnered with sustainability activator Anthesis to ensure our creative thinking is grounded in scientific rigour.  We call this Infinite.

1HQ can help your business find step-change sustainable packaging solutions.


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