How to win a bigger slice of the enjoyable wellness pie

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Deep rooted changes in consumer behaviour and consumption habits are impacting traditional markets and product categories. 

Last year, 25% of growth in consumer-packaged goods was delivered by brands with less than 2% market share. Not surprisingly, these core challenges are being encountered at the blurring boundaries of enjoyable wellness. Brand identity and visual language, category navigational codes, design cues and copy and claims are traditionally very different between healthcare and FMCG brands.

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This conflation of previously distinctive design codes can create cognitive dissonance for consumers, disrupting shopper behaviour, often to the detriment of legacy brands and businesses

So how do established brand owners navigate the complex and dynamic ‘grey’ areas between food & health to create distinctive, relevant and credible propositions that engage with emerging choice architectures and changing consumer behaviour?


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Creative Leap and 1HQ are respectively, leaders in Healthcare and Food & Beverage branding and have recently joined forces to address these very issues.

Our combined experience and expertise make us unique in being able to understand and decode the often-conflicting thought processes, category codes and semiotics surrounding enjoyable wellness that influence shopper behaviour and purchase decisions.

We have designed and proven a robust methodology that translates these insights into compelling visual and verbal brand propositions that respect and amplify key aspects of existing brand equity to drive relevance, distinctiveness and engagement.

We’d love to come and talk to you about how we can help your brand win a bigger slice of the enjoyable wellness pie.

For more information on the merger between 1HQ and Creative Leap, click here.


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