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From student to studio

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We caught up with Jake, a Norwich University of the Arts student, who has just completed a two week Graphic Design internship here at 1HQ. 

What have you been up to over the past two weeks?

From early on in my internship I was given a great brief which I could get stuck into, and use the experience I gained from University. This meant that I had to be able to generate a variety of exciting ideas that not only answered the brief but also tested its boundaries.

After this process, I had to be able to visualize my designs to a standard that could be easily understood and worthy of presenting to the client. Being able to talk through my ideas was another responsibility as this shows my thought process and how I have come up with a particular idea/route.

What was the biggest challenge? 

At University you have longer deadlines and less pressure so I think the most difficult thing I faced was adjusting to the work pace of the studio. However, this is something that you soon get used to and I feel adds an element of excitement and urgency to the way you work.

How did you find going from student to studio?

As soon as I walked into the studio I felt welcomed and excited to meet everyone. I was treated as an equal and wasn’t undermined or an inconvenience. The studio atmosphere is fun and friendly, and this made it very easy to have conversations with people and get settled in.

I was also very fortunate enough to attend the studio’s annual summer party, which gave me the chance to get to know everyone in a more casual environment and see the other side of working in a Design agency. I nearly won the Limbo Challenge…

Have we managed to equip you with any new skills? 

From pretty early on in my Graphic Design studies at University, I found that I had a keen interest in packaging and wanted to pursue this area of design further. Having the opportunity to intern at 1HQ gave me my first insight into what its like to work at a professional packaging and branding agency.

Within the first few days of my internship, I felt that I had learned a variety of new skills and techniques which I would implement in my own work process. I feel that I can approach a brief with a more fast-paced style of work, generating a range of different ideas and routes that I feel confident in and would progress to generate an outcome which is exciting and fits the brief.

What advice would you give future Graphic Design interns?

When starting an internship it’s always best to try and put yourself out there and get to know as many people as you can. Once you start to know peoples names and have conversations with them, you soon feel more comfortable in the studio which can then carry over to the way you work.

It’s also great to ask people around the studio what they are working on. This shows that you are interested in learning and you want to try and soak up as much information and experience as you can.


Want to come and see what the 1HQ studio get up to?

An internship with us is a great way to learn the ropes – and for the right person, a fabulous first step into the marketing and/or creative industry.

Get in touch at JOINUS@1HQGLOBAL.COM


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