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Karen Cole appointed Creative Director for 1HQ-Singapore.

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As 1HQ Brand Agency expands into South East Asia, Karen Cole has been appointed Creative Director for 1HQ Singapore.

The new office is the fourth key hub for the agency, alongside 1HQ Amsterdam, London and New York, and with the support of satellite offices in over 12 countries, will work to service some of the world’s best-known brands, as well as nurturing future stars.

Cole previously worked at 1HQ between 2005 – 2010, before moving to Singapore to work with the likes of Holmes & Marchant, Glassick Brands and most recently JKR. Her previous clients include Heineken, Unilever and Kraft Heinz where Cole maximised a global reach across China, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Creativity connects brands to people, but creative ideas can only cut through and have meaning if they resonate with the audience they’re aimed at. Nobody needs another piece of intrusive brand communication in their lives. Cole’s appointment will ensure that we can build strong relationships with our clients at a local level and employ teams that understand the nuances of local culture.

In a world where brands operate across continents with ever-increasing touch-points, a consistent story driving your activity has never been more important. A central brand strategy based on a plethora of consumer insight that can be simply deployed at the press of a button…but there remains a hard question in that simple statement. 

How do you remain consistent globally and stay competitive against every local ‘me-too’ brand that make the same claims and try to out manoeuvre you at every turn?

The answer? Even if you are responsible for billion – dollar brands, you must maximise your premium credentials yet have the speed to adapt, innovate and communicate to the local markets at the ‘coalface’. Get this right and the big brands will always win.

Cole comments: “I’m looking forward to sharing my experience of South East Asia, not only to elevate the brands that 1HQ have already established here, but to continue to grow our presence in this part of the world even further. There will be a strong focus on celebrating, nurturing and investing heavily in local talent, that will inevitably become the future of 1HQ Singapore as the business develops.”

Mark Artus group CEO comments: “With our office in Singapore now officially open, we can help our client’s ambitions in all key geographic regions supported by our satellite network, to build globally resonating brands grounded in local understanding and culture to ensure they retain a competitive advantage. Every new global office has a local leadership team with international branding and design experience, that understand the complexities of a brand’s core values and who have an entrepreneurial approach to adapt quickly to local preferences and nuances.”

For further information, please contact media@1hqglobal.com


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