Impackt & 1HQ offer agile adaptive design and implementation.

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Impackt, Global Adaptive Design & Print Management Agency, have become part of the 1HQ network to bridge the creative gap between client’s strategic outputs and successful production.

Managing digital and print production, Impackt will ensure the original strategic intent of a brand is perpetuated through all channels without compromise, on a global scale.

As part of the 1HQ network, Impackt will use their unrivalled experience in FMCG, Food and Drink, Healthcare, Pharma, Retail and Home Entertainment to serve the needs of clients from studios in Liverpool, London, New York, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Misinterpretation and miscommunication can often occur between designs produced and what appears on-line or on shelf. Impackt acts as the creative link between the strategic design and print management, maintaining creativity in the adaptive design space.

This bespoke partnership with 1HQ will allow Impackt to have a complete understanding of each individual client’s original approach, guaranteeing there is a seamless transition across all channels ensuring the end product meets the ‘Master Brand’ guidelines.

Impackt have recently worked collaboratively with 1HQ NY and Suave Kids. 1HQ re-designed the core range and Impackt produced an adaptive rollout for 17 SKUs, over 4 waves, fulfilled in under 2 weeks to meet print deadlines. Read more here.


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