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Get Wasted: 1HQ Lunch Club

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We all buy too much food or have things in the fridge or cupboard that have sat there waiting patiently for us to do something with.

In our mission to highlight and reduce food waste, we asked the office to dig deep into the back of their cupboards for our first ‘No Waste Lunch Club’ meal. Boxes of unused, unloved foodstuffs were donated and given a second chance to land on our plate. 

Inspired by the challenge to put something delicious in front of the office, 1HQ Design Strategy Director, Andy Kirk, stood in as Head Chef for his very own ‘Ready Steady Kirk’ episode.

With help from Kate Charman, Senior Strategist and Clare Cotton, Associate Director of Innovation & Brand Strategy, Andy created a scrumptious menu for the team: 

1HQuisine Lunch Menu

Beef Lasagne 


Vegetarian Lasagne-ssaka (layer of Aubergine)

Both made with a rich tomato & fresh vegetable ragu

Accompanied with a variety of dips & chutneys

Followed by:

Chocolate fridge cake – crumbly biscuit base with chocolate and nut topping

 The 1HQ No Waste Lunch club not only took steps to reduce food waste within the company but also brought everyone together for a community feast and helped to raise money for charity by asking for a donation per dish. 


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