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427 Insights and 1HQ NY Launch Digital Commerce Collaboration

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Joint venture blends creative strategies and analytic insights to improve brands’ ROI

Now, more than ever, brands need to respond quickly and effectively to offer value adapted for a changing world. In a collaboration blending art and science, Atlanta-based 427 Insights and 1HQ NY aim to help brands do just that in the highly competitive digital experience landscape.

Announcing the move, 427 Insights CEO Steve Guillemette described the joint venture as a powerful partnership that will help elevate brand performance today, tomorrow and in the future.

“Our proprietary audit and analytical platforms, Digital Ecosphere and Disruptive Genius, provide an effective modern approach to drive out multi-channel digital go-to-market strategies rooted in critical consumer and customer data from multiple sources, including DTC, B2B and B2C platforms as well as all social, blogs, reviews and customer Q&A data. Adding 1HQ’s creative expertise to the mix will enable a full-service solution, offering rigorous, fast and tangible results.”

Mark Artus, 1HQ Global CEO, added:

“Creative businesses like ours have known for a while that data is key in delivering effectiveness on a global scale. The challenge has been to find ways to weave it seamlessly into the way we work. We started the journey with the creation of our sister agency, Collidascope, in the U.K. and are now looking forward to working with Steve and his team to deliver the same positive outcomes for clients in the U.S.”

About 427 Insights

427 Insights is a globally-focused, multi-channel agency of digital commerce, content optimization and data analytics experts. Based in Atlanta, 427 Insights elevates brands with a proprietary suite of three modern platform solutions that provide a laser focus on digital customer/user experience journeys to improve conversion and increase sales. Their passion is providing strategic, modern approaches to digital transformation that enables brands to adapt to the changing ways customers shop online.

They focus on using data points to audit brands’ digital commerce footprints, bring critical insights to brand, creative and marketing strategies, and support activation by providing the resources needed to optimize and improve.

427 Insights delivers the rocket fuel to enhance a brand or creative agency’s traditional approach.


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