1HQ and CollidaScope partner to power unique data-driven insights

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Our unique partnership ensures brands can be agile enough to optimise return on investment in today and tomorrow’s unpredictable world.

By marrying 1HQ’s creativity to shopper and consumer data, and using CollidaScope’s sophisticated analytical techniques, we produce seamlessly connected media and creative strategies that can anticipate and adjust to changing times. And, by scenario planning campaigns, we give brands the agility and confidence to transition efficiently from one marketing mix to another based on their forecasted impact on sales, behaviours and ROI.

We regularly improve clients’ sales performance by over 20% and more than double their ROI on their marketing investments.

Recently we’ve done more than that for a snacking client. With the onset of Covid19 lockdown measures and subsequent massive changes to shopping behaviours and budget levels, we scenario planned different communication options against their incremental impact on e-commerce and bricks and mortar sales.

We switched marketing spend from one social media platform to another, changed the messaging, improving actual sales by 29%, over above Covid19 effects (yes, we can work that out too) and ROI was 5x spend, a 200% improvement on previous activities.


Content includes:

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Is your brand using the right data to measure shopper behaviours and drive effective communications?

Planners or Magpies?
Are your consumers practical planners focused on efficiency, or maverick magpies with an eye for the shiny and new?

Road to nowhere
How can brands navigate the path to purchase and avoid unnecessary jargon?

Right place, right time
Make sure your brand isn't left on the digital shelf.



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