The Drum RAR Awards 2018

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The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) is a service led by The Drum to help brands choose agencies, based on client ratings. We are delighted to announce that 1HQ has achieved finalist status for Packaging Design in The Drum RAR Awards 2018.

1HQ Brand Agency is a RAR recommended agency for innovation, branding design, design strategy and packaging design. We are incredibly grateful to our clients who rate our services and with whom we have built collaborative relationships.

With our growing global presence, we are looking forward to continuing to shape unique brand stories that challenge, innovate and inspire our clients.


Content includes:

Party like it's 2050? 
An entirely unscientific round up of some of the highs and lows we might encounter.


Adios adulthood
Making connections with a 'Perma-Youth' consumer.


Signs of the times
A sneak peek into the future of conscious consumerism.


2020 Vision